Pulp Culture Hard Pressed Juices are alcoholic beverages with a variety of ingredients including mushrooms.  Yea, mushrooms.  Since we have started curating our bottle shop collection it has been amazing to learn how many kinds of beverages there are.  We have recently added mead to our collection at the request of a friend and it has been very popular.

We ask our regular customers what they would like to drink when they visit and the answers have expanded our collection significantly.

We just signed up with a new distributor that handles an interesting selection of non-alcoholic beverages and as a result we are able to bring in several beverages folks have been asking for.  For example, we will now have non-alcoholic kombucha, a CBD sparkling water and a CBD tonic, and yes alcoholic beverages with mushrooms in them.  Why not?

Is there a beverage you would like to enjoy when you visit?  Please let us know.