Community Supported Arts

The Canteen’s Mission

To provide a public home for our community that offers comfort and nourishment.
Comfort in knowing we are focused on sustainability, resiliency and the arts.
Nourishment to the mind, soul and body.

We are an employee-owned cooperative.

Community Supported Arts Subscription

Community Supported Arts Donation


Community Supported Arts is a program that brings artists to our community with the help of our community.  It helps us provide a quality of life to artists that we can only provide with additional community support.

Any amount helps.  One time donations are available as well as a monthly subscription.

Thank you for being here.

Support is not tax-deductible.

This program was created and continues to grow with the help of our community.  You can read more about it here:

What an amazing year of community supported arts!  We are working on 2024’s programs.  Your input and support are appreciated.   Bringing these arts to the community is possible because of the community supported arts program.  Thank you!

Are there shows you would like to see in 2024?  Let us know.  Contact us at [email protected]

With deep gratitude…