We are excited to be sitting at the table with our neighbors and working on ways to improve the health of each other.  We have been learning to prime our body and detox using The Prime program designed by Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary.  John and I have been using the program for years and it has improved our health significantly.

Part of our journey has been learning to make plant-based food together.  In our first “cooking class” we made a delicious taco salad.  Our book club met again last night and we have planned our next community plant-based learning event, the Saturday afternoon supper club.  Our first gathering will be scheduled soon and we will share.

This will be a plant-based potluck where we are asking you bring a plant-based dish and we will sit together and discuss cooking techniques and lessons-learned.

Please bring everything is reusable containers and bring your own reusable place setting.  We are a zero-waste employee-owned public house.

If you cannot bring food or a place-setting for any reason, we will provide for you.

We are looking forward to learning together and growing in health.