Nick and Sarah spend a lot of their professional career working with youth.

Nick is a former Appalachian Trail thru hiker and has recently moved to the Cedar Mountain area with his wife Sarah. He enjoys hiking, camping and loves to explore new areas, and eat delicious foods.
Sarah is an assistant teacher at an outdoor daycare. Finds it important to let children explore their natural environment and have adventures. Also playing outside means more mess and more mess, means more fun!

They have offered to host children focused events at the Canteen most Saturday afternoons from Noon – 2 pm (before we open.  We open at 2 pm on Saturdays)

Here are some of the activities they have planned:  map reading, plant life cycle, frog life cycle, and still coming up with more for water life. Will also have books on various topics. For art we can do seed planting, dry bean art, collages, dreamcatchers, nature weaving and painting.

Kids will need to bring their own water bottles. There may be water and mud play, so pack extra clothes and towel.
The Canteen is a pack-it-in pack-it-out public house and strives for zero-waste.  Please bring only reusable items.  Thanks!