Hello Cedar Mountain Canteen Family!
We are launching our newsletter and are so excited.  We (Stephanie and Greg and Kim and John) purchased the Canteen in October and opened our doors the day before Thanksgiving.  We were thrilled with the welcoming we received from our community!  Thank you.

As you can imagine, opening during a pandemic has been a challenge and we had to close our doors recently due to a positive COVID test.  We have taken “our time off” to build an online bottle shop and a paper menu so that we can reopen safely and continue to offer the beverages our neighbors are seeking.

We will be reopening February 4th and you will have 2 options for picking up the refreshments you so enjoy.

OPTION 1:  Order online for curbside pickup.
OPTION 2:  Order using our paper menu onsite for curbside pickup.

We look forward to seeing you again.