Growing food organically and planting native plants and trees is one of our passions.  We are a public house and we want the community to enjoy locally grown food so we are busy planting.  We have planted 2 peach trees, rhubarb, blueberry bushes, strawberries, and are planning on much more as the weather warms up.  We have also planted 2 Red Bud trees and 1 Dogwood in the garden for shade.

We planted bee balm, a native flower.  Our dear friend Susan Sunflower brought us native Green and Golds and planted them at the base of our shade trees and also blessed us with a couple of Oconee Bells, a rare native flower.

Michael Plauche of the Transylvania County Bird Club brought us 4 bird boxes for our food forest as well.  We have found nesting birds are one of the greatest forms of natural pest control.

We received some gorgeous hanging baskets from some of our neighbors for the garden and soon you will see beans, tomatoes and cucumbers growing from those.

Linda brought us a spider plant and we have that enjoying the sunshine in one of our windows.  These are some of the best plants for indoor air quality and we love it!

Rob and Su brought us a beautiful flowering hanging basket! What beautiful abundance!

We are so grateful to all who are helping us expand our beautiful garden.  It is truly a community garden.  Thank you so much!

We look forward to more community members contributing to our food forest.  Do you have something you would like to contribute?  We would love to hear from you!