One of my favorite moments this week was listening to Jenn and Owen’s new album at home.  When Owen started his Monday evening song series, Jenn was his first guest.  Their music filled our space and our hearts and continue to.  Owen is now an employee-owner.

Jenn sang a lot of original songs and as she continued to perform other days, I would wait to hear some of my favorites.  Now I don’t have to wait, and I can hear those beautiful pieces at home or wherever I am.  The song’s lyrics are so beautiful and rooted in soul of our area.

Some of the lyrics in The River Song reflect my thoughts of the Canteen.  John and I consider it the Canteen theme song.

I hear the river calling…

We could go to the river.  We could just be together.

Stay awhile, I think you will find your smile.  Stay awhile my friend.

Owen and Jenn are such a gift to the Canteen.  We are deeply grateful their energy fills our space and we love them dearly.

Their CD is available at the Canteen.

Come on down and stay awhile my friend.