Many thanks to Sarah of Know Waste for creating this wonderful graphic to let people know an establishment welcomes you to bring your own reusable items.

Cedar Mountain Fire & Rescue recently held another zero-waste fund raiser.  They hosted a pancake breakfast and Know Waste was on hand to help them with another event that has moved towards zero-waste.

This canvas was displayed there.  Now it is at the Cedar Mountain Canteen until it is needed again somewhere else that has decided to stop wasting.

Tin Roof Pizza Food Truck has announced they will be parked at the Cedar Mountain Canteen permanently after they fulfill some other commitments.  They have decided to stop wasting when serving at the Canteen and are now serving on reusable plates.  Want to help and support them?  Bring your own.

Three neighboring establishments in Cedar Mountain have make a commitment to stop wasting.  Our heartfelt thanks.