On October 28th we hosted OMotionCollective and they presented the following:

OMotionCollective presents a multi-genre performance curated with guest artists to unfold & mend our cultural relationship to death. . Follow a grave-robber into liminal space beyond the veils of time. His gravest mistake turns the wheel of remembrance as the spirits that yearn to be reunited with relics stolen from the altars of their lives, return home. It is through dance, poetry, visual art, music, & prayer that we gather in order to retrieve the lost & forgotten fragments of our souls, to bring wholeness & balance into our lives. Showcasing the artistry of: James Sauter Rachel Waterhouse as “Balm.” Jacquelyn Alexa & Omotion Collective We hope you can attend this Autumnal offering one soon won’t forget!

It was an evening we indeed won’t soon forget, and it was made possible because of our community and their support of the arts.  You can support us as well by going here:  Community Supported Arts – Cedar Mountain Canteen