Sherwood Forest Friends and the Cedar Mountain Canteen are partnering together to bring an Earth Day program on April 13th at the Cedar Mountain Canteen.

Sherwood Forest Friends mission is: Celebrating and Preserving Our Natural and Cultural Resources.  The Cedar Mountain Canteen is an employee-owned, zero-waste cooperative that celebrates our local culture through the arts.  Recognizing an alignment, a partnership was formed and the two communities have been gathering and working together to further contributions in the community.

An Earth Day celebration was originally planned at The Barn in Sherwood but maintenance on this beautiful venue has required us to move to the Canteen.

The focus of the program is on clean water and what it means to be a community residing on the Continental Divide.

At 11 am, Anna Alsobrook, French Broad Watershed Science and Policy Manager for Mountaintrue will be delivering a presentation we are calling “Clean water and working to clean up the Little River. Why are we failing water tests?”

It will include the following:
what it means to live at the continental divide,
what is a watershed,
our testing program with swim guide and the other monthly testing program including results
suggestions on ways to find out where the E.coli is coming from that is causing our failure

At noon, the Canteen’s Plant-based Supper Club will host a potluck dinner and provide education on preparing plant-based meals.  Please bring a dish to share and your own reusable place-settings.  If you cannot provide food or a place setting, for any reason, we are happy to provide.

A Bluegrass Jam, hosted by Bruce Threlkeld will begin at 2 pm.  All are welcome to join in!