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The dinner is NOT the 2nd Friday of September, it has been moved to the 3rd Friday, September 15th for this month.

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What we eat not only satisfies the hunger but mainly nourishes our body, mind and energy. How we eat and how we treat the food from mother earth matters more if one seeks absolute health and sustenance of this human mechanism.

We are excited to announce Cedar Mountain Canteen Public House will be hosting an Indian Dinner fundraiser the second Friday of the month.
*This is a zero-waste event. If you want to order your meal for take-out, please bring your own containers.

Traditionally Indian meals are designed with 6 tastes of the tongue, made fresh from scratch before each meals, and served in its order of consumption. The six tastes are 1. sweet (eg. fruits), 2. sour(lime), 3. salty(salt), 4. hot spicy(chilly), 5. bitter(curry leaf) and 6. astringent (yogurt). Every meal is designed to include a certain proportions of solid and liquid foods for easy digestion without constipation, offering a balanced diet of protein, vitamins, minerals, probiotic and carbohydrates. Here also we follow the same method to the best of our abilities.

Aug Nutritious Menu: Dine in and Take out | regular, vegan and gluten free options available for
A SIMPLE MEAL of $18/first and fourth course
A FULL PLATTER of $35/all courses

Suggested Order of Menu:
A fruit
First course: Chole Bhature (puffed bread and chickpea curry), and Spiced Raitha.
Second course Buffet: Sabudana (tapioca balls rice) and Lentil Curry Sauce
Third course: Rasam (digestive soup) and Appalam (crispy lentil)
Fourth course: Dessert: Pineapple Kesari

*Everything in the menu is Gluten Free except the Chole. So two Appalam would replace it.
** Everything in the menu is Vegan except raitha. So vegan versions are available.

Your contribution from each month go towards the list of serving nonprofit organizations in Cedar Mountain, Brevard and other areas.
June: Cedar Mountain Fire Department: Beautifully happened!
July: Cedar Mountain Community Center: Wonderfully happened!
Aug: Terra Nova Center
Sep: Rise & Shine After School Program and so on.
Let us make it happen!