Thanks to your support of our arts program, we continue to host amazing arts events free to the community.  We have an amazing show on Sunday, May 5th.

We are more than excited to welcome Roberta Lea to the Canteen!  Roberta is honoring us with a performance, and we are deeply grateful.  What an amazing talent.

Roberta Lea
Sunday, May 5th
6 – 8 pm

You can find out more about Roberta Lea by visiting her website:
Home | iamrobertalea



We will gather at 5 pm and host a community potluck.  Please bring your own reusable place setting and a dish to share.  If you cannot bring anything for any reason, we are delighted to provide.

While this show is free, if tickets were available, they would be $40 each.  That amount is our break-even amount.  If you would like to contribute to our arts fund, we would be deeply grateful.  You can find out more about contributing here:  Community Supported Arts Donation – Cedar Mountain Canteen

If you would like to reserve a seat, you can do so by going here:  Special Concert: Roberta Lea – Cedar Mountain Canteen

We look forward to another amazing evening together.

With deep and sincere gratitude.