Cedar Mountain Canteen’s calling

To provide a public home to our community that offers comfort and nourishment.
Comfort in knowing we are focused on sustainability, resiliency and the arts.
Nourishment to the mind, soul and body.

Sustainability and resiliency goals & objectives

Goal: Zero-waste
1. Reduce, reuse
2. Community brings their own place settings and cups
3. Cloth hand towels and dishrags
4. Recycle cans and bottles
5. Purchase no beverage in plastic
6. Compost

Goal: Food security
1. Planted a food forest
2. Free vegan gluten free daily
3. Potlucks and community food table
4. Distribute packaged food for free
5. Nurture our pollinator gardens
6. Connect the community with food

a) Sign advertising Whistlestop by our entrance
b) Making space for local farmers to share such as Eric from the mushroom farm, Daniel
from Happy Acres

7. Compost

Goal: Clean water
1. Water testing
2. Avoid plastic

Nourishment goals & objectives

Goal: Nourish the mind
1. Provide financial security to our employees through worker-ownership
2. Provide retirement savings

Goal: Nourish the body
1. Provide food
2. Provide beverage
3. Provide access to the Little River

Goal: Nourish the soul
1. Provide a center for the arts
2. Provide play

a) Giant Jenga
b) Cards
c) Chess & Checkers

Goal: Nourish the community
1. Support local non-profits

a) Cedar Mountain Fire and Rescue
b) Cedar Mountain Community Center
c) Friends of Sherwood Forest
d) JAM

2. Provide a center for remembering our loved ones who have passed

a) The Doug Line
b) Art piece by a patron’s Father
c) Memory garden in the works