John and I shake our heads in amazement every day because of the quality of life we enjoy in Cedar Mountain.  We love owning the community’s public home and we are deeply grateful for the support we receive from the community.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We will be making an announcement about the ownership of the Canteen on New Year’s Eve around 5:30 pm and we would love for you to join us and celebrate the transition with us.  Our celebration will begin at 6 pm with a fantastic line-up of music.

Thank you to every musician and artist who has enriched our lives through your performances and displays.  We are committed to providing a steady income for our local artists and that would not be possible without you.  We kicked off our Community Supported Arts program this year and have had overwhelming support from our community towards that commitment.  Our arts schedule for 2024 is shaping up to be beyond anything we could have imagined.  We are excited to experience it together.  Thank you for making it possible.

With love and deep gratitude for all of you,

Kim and John