Three days a week (Friday, Saturday and Monday), we host 2 hours of music that is designed as a performance where we ask the community present to quiet themselves, relax and listen.

We have amazing artists who bless our space with their talents, from visual to performance art.

We often witness a magic when a listening audience connects with musicians who are sharing their heart and soul.

That was certainly the case this past Monday evening.  We had a large crowd.  Those who wanted to listen stayed indoors and those who wanted to visit with others enjoyed space in our garden by the river.

Owen Grooms is our Monday evening host and this past Monday he brought Jacob and Lauren Goins to the listening room.  Here are the words Owen shared about the upcoming performance:

Jacob Goins is a poet who dresses his words in delicate melody, carefully designed.

Born and raised in the Appalachians, Jacob fashions folk music that shares in the gentleness, the rise and fall, and the golden peacefulness of the North Carolina mountains. His writing is born of woods, of the emergence and recession of light, and of the silence in which he lingers. In every humble effort, he strives to make art that doesn’t sing over the quiet, but rather sings with it.

Jacob was mesmerizing.  What an amazing experience.  I do not have words to explain the beauty we all experienced through his performance with Owen, his wife and others that evening.

Jacob’s gentle energy filled the quiet and rewarded the listening.

These are the moments that anchor our listening events, these precious moments of connection with our community.

Almost every artist who experiences a listening event with our amazing audiences thanks them for listening.  We hear it over and over again and we are grateful for the respect, kindness and love our community shares and is known for.

Because of this, artists are reaching out and asking to perform during a listening performance.  Some of these artist are more expensive than we can afford and we are excited they are reaching out to us.  We are looking for ways we can bring these artists in and share them with our beautiful audiences.  If you are interested in sponsoring additional performances in the community’s listening room, let us know.  We are listening.
With love and gratitude.