You know one of the reasons we have so many amazing breweries in the area is because of our amazing water.  We are passionate about being great partners to the Little River that runs by our beer garden.  One of the first things we decided when we bought the Canteen was that we wanted to help educate folks on our beautiful river and things we can do to improve it and enjoy it.

We reached out to Mountaintrue and asked if we could be added to their Clean Waters program and have our site added as an official water testing site.  We are SO HAPPY to announce that is now an active partnership!  We will be testing the water on a regular basis as part of Mountaintrue’s program and folks will know the quality of the water we are so excited to open up again.

There are a few things we need to do to get the program off the ground and look forward to opening access to the river once those are complete.  We are super excited and look forward to celebrating the river together with our community.