Dry January is here and we have enthusiastically embraced it!  We are offering a full range of amazing non-alcoholic beverages that are healthy and delicious.  We are kicking off 2024 with a Rose and Elder Elixir from Briar Rose Organics.  Stop by and enjoy!

Rose and Elder Mocktail by Briar Rose Organics
This drink offers a non-alcoholic option for our patrons. It is crafted with Rose and Elderflower Glycerin, and Elderberry Elixir made with apple cider vinegar infused with elderberry, nettle, red clover, local honey, and sparkling water.  As you sip this mocktail you will be giving yourself immune support, as well as the energetic comfort of rose and elder flower.

Through Briar Rose Organics, Jennifer, Jonlyn, and Jessie combine their strengths as Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Herbalist, and Holistic Counselor. Their mission is to make herbal-based products and medicinals accessible to all, by demystifying the art of natural healing and plant medicine. Briar Rose specializes in teas, tinctures, body products, and bringing healing and joy to their community.